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VR Medusa

Our part: Designs, Development, Project Management, QA

VR Medusa is a virtual reality business communication platform, developed by TeleSoftas. Offering connection between multiple individuals, VR Medusa provides immersive and effective communication from any part of the world inside virtual reality.


As a VR communication platform for multiple users, Medusa required a variety of characters to help distinguish one between the other. For that we chose the toon shading style because it’s more forgiving to facial animation. For all characters we’ve added two types of outfits. One is casual and the other was more in line with the environments in sci-fi style.


While thinking of ideas for locations we wanted to avoid your casual everyday office. After many ideas we settled and created three environments: an isolated island, a space station and an exotic planet.

Menu mechanics

One of the most complicated part of this project was thinking through the menu mechanics. Since VR UI is a relatively new thing and the project was quite unique at the time, we needed to come up. At first, when we took the traditional approach – to draw sketches and implement them in VR, we experienced disturbances due to dimensions, and other nuances like people hitting each other with controllers while using the menu. Thus we came up with a new approach: to build a physical menu prototype from cardboard. And it worked! It gave us a quick feel of the navigation and we could easily prevent potential problems.