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Meditation Timer

Our part: Designs, Development, Idea

Meditation Timer is lightweight, simple to use application to practice meditation in the way you like it, and it will help you personalize and keep track of your meditation activities.​

• Highly customizable meditation timer

• Meditation history information and statistics

• Meditation activity graph

• Google fit integration and data synchronization

• Option to save and load custom meditation presets

This app is a handy meditation tool for anyone. Meditation Timer & Log is lightweight, simple to use and has bubbly feeling to lift you up. Practice meditation the way you like it, and we will help you to personalize and keep track of your meditation activities.

Platforms: iOS and Android


Make highly customizable but easy to use meditation timer.


All app is made with big colourful bubbles that’s why it is easy and fast to navigate.

Research and Sketching​​​​​​​

Most of the meditation applications are either intuitive to use but lack functionality, or, alternatively, have lots of functionality but that functionality is obscured and hard to find. While creating our own meditation application we concentrated on ease of use and simplicity and tried to move away from a standard boring app structure.

Core Features

• Highly Customizable Meditation Timer
• Meditation History Information and Statistics
• Meditation Activity Grap
• Google Fit Integration and Data Synchronization
• Option to Save and Load Custom Meditation Presets

Landing page created for 2 simmilar apps: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) timer and Meditation Timer & Log. Each side represent specific app, calm colors blue and green – Meditation, intensive pink and red – HIIT.