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Castle AR

Our part: Designs, Development, Project Management, QA, Support

This app offers users an engaging, in-depth tour of any location using the very best experts as their guide. Virtual and augmented reality technologies are employed to enhance the visitor experience of any attraction or location. The app has 2 modes: Virtual Visit mode enables the user to experience a location without actually being there – 3D images, graphics and information are superimposed over 3D CGI. But If the user is actually at the location they can use Augmented Guide mode where the same information, and graphics are superimposed over their live view. The unique feature of this app is the integration of real expert guides captured in 3D volumetric video. This app enables you to provide an enhanced experience to existing visitors while also engaging a whole new audience with integrated ticketing and ecommerce functionality.

Virtual visit

This is the Virtual Reality mode for when you’re not at the actual location. It uses 360 video and 3D CGI, to show the buildings.

Augmented Reality guided tour

When users are at the location, AR mode can be used — the guide, as well as other content such as stills or text, is superimposed over their live view of the scene.

Superimposed artifacts

Additional assets including images and 3D models can be superimposed on the scene allowing the user to see historical artifacts in more detail and can interact with them.

Volumetric video capture

This app will be an immersive 3D experience. The host and displayed artifacts are all truly 3D.

The completely new and original feature of this app is that the host appears to be a true-to-life three-dimensional person — you’re able to view him or her from all sides.

TeleSoftas Studios have partnered with Microsoft to utilize their Mixed Reality Capture studio to capture Mike Loades’s performance.

Magic window mode

This functionality allows the user to see what the location would have looked like when in it was in use.

A virtual ‘portal’ would appear superimposed on each users’ app…

… Once the user steps through the portal, displayed on their device is a 3D, authentic model of how the location would have looked hundreds of years ago.