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Our part: Designs, Full Stack Development, Project Management, QA, Support

YellowDog’s unique technology securely harnesses and monetises underutilised computer power, enabling organisations to deliver incredibly quickly and cost effectively, through leveraging this unlimited power on demand – they’re effectively building the world’s fastest supercomputer. The first market they’re making this computer power available to is the computer graphics & 3D animation industry.



• Securely harnessing and monetising underutilised computer power
• Applying it to computer graphics and 3D animation industry
• Leveraging virtually unlimited power on demand

• Large number of cloud providers integrated into YellowDog’s platform
• Military-grade encryption ensures data security
• Access to multiple data centres at the touch of a button
• Future-proof and cross-industry YellowDog Platform


Building on a relationship that dates back to projects predating YellowDog Gareth Williams, CEO and founder of YellowDog, contacted TeleSoftas for a partnership to tackle a unique challenge – to build a limitless compute platform that is secure and can be utilised by computer graphics and 3D animation industry today and other applications in the future..

TeleSoftas approached this challenge by building a dedicated development team of highly motivated and skilled professionals matching technical requirements needed to build the platform and personality complementary to YellowDog’s. The team had to be a part of YellowDog’s team with the ownership of and accountability towards the product they were creating, and not an outside supplier that just provides software development services. TeleSoftas has successfully achieved that in partnership with YellowDog and YellowDog’s Platform earned recognition including Oracle Disruptive Technology and Oracle Excellence in Innovation awards.

YellowDog’s story on how they made outsourcing work for them can be found here –
How to Make Working with an Outsourced Development Team a Success.





Design Challenges

The main challenge was creating a unique dashboard that contains abundance of information in one screen and making it flexible enough for mobile devices. Additionally, the design had to stand out to be appealing but easy to understand for the 3D artists.

We approached the design by grouping the information and the functionality, and then rated the groups by the importance. The key group was allotted the most space and the secondary groups were placed in a dynamic panel. The same grouped information is divided into separate screens on a mobile version of the software. To achieve the client’s criteria we created a custom menu, dark colour pallet was chosen for the most of the design and YellowDog logo colour was used as a bright accent. The result was a sci-fi style, high contrast design with easily reachable and clearly visible information.