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Pagalba Sau

Our part: Designs, Development, Idea, Project Management

This application is developed for people taking care of their emotional status and health.



Pagalba Sau consists of different type of exercises and functions for mental health tracking. One of the main challenges thinking about user experience was to find a perfect solution for different type of audiences using this application.


Before starting the development we worked closely with client and their potential userbase. In every step of development we analysed patterns of user behaviour and developed prototypes after receiving feedback.




Research and Sketching

Starting with development, first of all we created user accounts and profiles. This helped us to set further goals and concept for next stage development. After profiles we followed with user flow scenarios, which laid us a perfect ground for development of critical functions, like push notifications. Minimalistic changes were made after prototypes.






Detailed analysis in early stage of design development helped to save time and provided answers before the questions were even asked. Key goals was to develop very clearly understandable app and keep neutral temper. Icons and illustrations were made really expressive so everyone could understand it easily. Since the app is used to track mental health, we decided to use neutral colours to avoid interrupting the user or changing his/her mood . Buttons, icons and illustrations were also drawn without sharp edges not to interfere with the user and make him feel safe while using an app.