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Our part: Designs, Full Stack Development, Project Management, QA, Support

Memberoo aims to help high street businesses and their customers become best friends. Using the Memberoo app, small to medium sized businesses can have a mobile presence, learning more about who shops with them. And their loyal custotttmers can receive the special treatment they deserve. Memberoo is owned by Envolve Technology Limited, UK.

The Beginning

We didn’t start from scratch with this one. Instead we started with already launched project. Our goal was to improve design and UX of the product with minimal changes in code architecture. For this purpose I have created three types of user personas that represents three most condensed goals that they want to achieve: Discount hunter, Loyal customer, Adventurer.

Whole user workflow was looked through these three perspectives. I was looking for critical points in the app that user might stuck or get confused and ways to improve their journey by adding simple functionality where needed. Some of them ended up in the app and some of them have been sided for later updates.

To give design a bit of goofy not so serious feel we introduced “The Tickety” character for illustrations. He not only will help convey meaning but also is very cute and he will give you a smile.

Considering design itself it had to be very minimal and don’t overshadow variety of different type of vendor branding. So I have dismissed unnecessary elements and boiled down everything to most important pieces of information that user needs to see and keeping low profile with colors and fonts. This helped to really put accent on vendors logos and images.