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Our part: Designs, Full Stack Development, Project Management, QA, Support

The idea for this game was inspired by videos of impossible trick shots on YouTube. Hurl VR starts as a simple throwing simulation and quickly grows into an interactive puzzle game. In order to reach their goal players must throw balls to hit platforms in specific patterns which resemble the impossible trick shots.

There are many neon accents in the game which were inspired by Tron visual style. When a ball bounces through platforms, they light up with a bright cyan or yellow color. Moreover, the ball leaves a bright trail as it moves through the level and the trails form some playful patterns in some levels.

Hurl controller
Inspiration for the shape of the controller came from a simple flashlight. As the player presses the action button, the controller lights into existence a new ball.

Hurl ball
We wanted to create some sort of an abstract futuristic ball that would stand out from the enviroment. So we decided that the ball will glowing and it will be powered by a mysterious inside energy force.

Hurl VR takes place in a dark environment which has a mystical feel to it. The idea was to create a world which does not seem like any place on Earth or in space. It gives a feel that the player is in the middle of imaginary universe, where only the laws of physics are real. Above the playing area there is a dark purple nebula, and below there is a dense mist with scattered blocks that have a specific meaning which is revealed at the end of the game.