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Cukriukas application (or Sugar app in English) is the best way to control the diabetes. Application allows fast and easy logging of administered amount of insulin, amount of carbohydrates consumed and blood sugar levels, as well as choosing a type and make of insulin, injection times and reminder notifications for long acting insulin. Afterwards all the logged data can be analyzed and reviewed. The application is colourblind friendly.

Platform: Android
Client: Lithuanian Doctor Community

To create an application that allows tracking multiple points of data that must be accessed multiple times a day by as few clicks as possible to encourage users to enter that data. Another challenge was to make the application colour blind (Tritanopia) friendly since a segment of diabetes patients have that condition.

The application was designed with 3 main considerations:
        Colour coded and easily accessible key application areas to motivate users to input their data.
        Tritanopia friendly design – the colours are easily distinguishable for users affected by tritanopia.
        Positive reinforcement – users that accurately and regularly input their data receive motivational messages from the three personified Cukriukas app characters – sugar cube, potato, syringe.

The best way to represent diabetes is with a sugar cube. The symbol we have chosen is not a plain sugar cube though, but a personified character that reminds a patient that you can enjoy life even when affected by diabetes.

Research and Sketching
After analyzing other diabetes applications on the market I found that many of them are difficult to use due to poor UI and number of actions needed to reach main functionality. The main goal when creating wireframes and prototyping the application was to remove any unnecessary functionality and design a clean and simple user interface.

The three main functions are represented by three colours – sky blue, green and red. Each colour correlates with glucose, carbohydrates and insulin. These main app colours were chosen to be distinguishable for persons affected with tritanopia or other colour blindness spectrums. The goal was that the functionality is fully distinguishable by the colours alone without reading the text.

Clicking any of the colour coded buttons user reaches the input screen where the app shows the number of steps remaining. For example, after logging the rapid-acting insulin the app asks for inputs of consumed carbohydrates. While the user can skip a step, this simplistic design encourages user to log all information while keeping the app easy to use.

Positive reinforcement – positive pop up appears occasionally after logging the data. The aim is to encourage users to keep using the application as a part of their daily routine. The app uses notifications if the user forgets to administer the long-acting insulin.